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Kewanee Boiler Repair Parts

Oswald Supply Company sells replacement Kewanee Boiler Parts.

Distributing Kewanee Boiler Replacement and Repair Parts Since 1923

Kewanee Boiler manufactured  tens of thousands of residential, commercial and industrial boilers for 133 years.  Burnham bought Kewanee, and in 2002 ceased production of Kewanee Firetube Boilers. This was due to a decrease in demand in the market place. No longer available through Kewanee, Oswald Supply has all Kewanee boiler parts available.

Our knowledgeable sales staff are committed to providing the highest quality parts for your Kewanee boiler.

In 1954, Oswald Supply became the sole supplier, manufacturer and distributor for all Kewanee Boiler Grates. From then on, we continued our close relationship with Kewanee, eventually becoming the leader in after-market boiler repair parts for all Kewanee Boilers.

Handhole Plates and Gaskets, Fireside Gasketing, Retards and Tube Plugs, Door Clamps and Handles, and many other parts are still available by Oswald Supply Company. Our foundries are still using our original patterns for many of these items, call us today and we will be happy to assist you.

We specialize in Kewanee Boiler repair parts. Oswald Supply is the primary source for all hard-to-find and discontinued boiler parts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Happened to Kewanee Boiler?

A: Kewanee was bought by Burnham and ceased production in 2002. Parts are still available at Oswald Supply. We ship worldwide.

Q: I need a replacement part, but I may not have all of the information necessary.

A: Not a problem. We have been selling replacement  Kewanee Parts since 1923. Our knowledgeable sales staff and trouble-shooting experts have the experience required to find you the right part. You can call us at 718-620-1400

Q: Where can I purchase Repair Parts for my Kewanee Boiler?

A: You can purchase Kewanee Boiler Parts directly from our website www.oswaldsupply.com, calling us at 718-620-1400, or by visiting our store front 725 Whittier Street, Bronx New York 10474.

Q: Where are Kewanee Boiler Parts made?

A: We have many foundries here in the United States that cast the majority of the parts needed. We also have hard-to-find parts still on our shelves from before Kewanee closed their doors.